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When we look down on the Earth from space, we see this indescribably beautiful planet. It looks like a living, breathing organism. But it also at the same time looks extremely fragile. We're all basically living in this one eco-system called Earth and everything you do on one side of the eco-system affects the other side.
— Ron Garan,
NASA Astronaut

Our Vision

We are building a community of people with global vision and a proclivity for life's tasty details.

Our Mission

EFFi Foods® is a nutritional food company at the forefront of the regeneration and restoration of the food system as well as the advancement of the health and wellness movement. Built on pillars of health, wellness, prevention and sustainability, EFFi Foods® is dedicated to disrupting the unhealthiest and over-saturated food categories by providing plant-based innovative foods designed and produced with the highest restorative impacts on the planet and humans, with maximum health benefits and exceptional taste. These pillars are the basis of sustainable and outstanding business performance, philanthropic and socially responsible initiatives, and rewards for our investors, employees, organic farmers, communities, suppliers, and all stakeholders that are impacted our unique value chain.

Commitment to Plant-Based Nutrition

We share this planet with millions of other species that were here long before us. We, humans, represent only the last sentence in the long history book of Earth. At EFFi Foods® we believe in equal and ethical treatment of all animal species. Through cutting edge technologies and innovation we are committed to producing only plant-based foods with high nutritional profiles. Sustainability of human health can be achieved through plant-based dietary paradigm shift.

A plant-based diet is more than a lifestyle, it's a philosophical viewpoint that excludes suffering, cruelty and speciesism.
—Carina Ayden
Founder of EFFi Foods

Commitment to Sustainability

EFFi Foods® sustainability efforts are driven by a belief that all the operations of the company can be guided by the principles of a regenerative, restorative, circular economy. EFFI Foods® philosophy goes beyond a narrow environmentally-only focused approach to sustainability, and uses an integrative, holistic, synergistic approach to everything throughout the value chain of our operations, applying restorative and regenerative principles to managing human capital, communities, farmers, and all labor and human resources engaged in the entire design, production and distribution processes of our products. Similarly and concurrently, all natural resources touched or consumed by our operations are expected to be regenerated or restored or at the least recycled with zero toxicity, net zero waste, net zero carbon, net zero energy and net zero water whenever possible as the guiding principles of all our natural resources consumption activities and processes.

Life exists only because of a myriad of synchronicities that bring us to this particular place at this particular moment. In return for such a gift, the only sane response is to glitter in reply.
— Robin Wall Kimmerer
World's Leading Botanist