Meet Chickpea Granola

You heard it right: we stole chickpeas from hummus! What else did you expect from a group of environmental and animal rights activists? 
When we think of food, we think about the entire food system and how it affects people, the planet and all living beings. We want food to be fair to all, but also nutritionally fair! Because superior nutrition is a human right. That’s why we created the first-ever legume granola.

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Eco-friendly chickpea? Effin' yes. 

HEALTHY SOIL Chickpea's biological components make it an eco crop. Chickpeas work with bacteria that convert atmospheric nitrogen into useful ammonia or nitrates, which improve soil fertility and reduce dependence on energy-intensive fertilizers.

GLOBAL HUNGER Chickpea ' s nutritional diversity makes it a perfect crop to solve human hunger and malnutrition. High in plant protein, fiber and carbohydrates this legume has a satiating effect: makes us fuller faster and keeps us fuller longer!

WATER CONSERVATION Chickpeas are grown under 'dry land' conditions, utilizing the water stored in the soil, rather than consuming water from dams and rivers.

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Effective Altruism

Better Giving

Better giving: effective altruism: 

We have an ambitious dream, where our world is ruled by empathy and compassion. Non-anthropocentric, inclusive, celebrating diversity and sustainable through and through. Where the word “superior” relates only to nutrition and quality. Where the voiceless have their voices, amplified. 
We use principles of effective altruism to identify organizations that have potential to do the most good. 

Of course we also love to donate food to those in need of balanced nutritious foods, we are a food company after all.

Let's elevate humanity one chickpea at time!

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